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A Zebra And A Donkey Accidentally Had A Baby – This Is What It Looks Like

By - 7th November 2018

Hybrid animals are something that fascinates us all. What would you get if you crossed a lion and a dragon? A horse and a bear? Or an alligator and a kangaroo? All of these would be fascinating and yet they’re all mythical. But a new hybrid has just come about – the zonkey!

Yes, a Zonkey, a cross between a zebra and a donkey was born on the 2nd of October in South Barrow, Somerset in England. So if you’ve ever wondered what a zebra crossed with a donkey would look like, you’re in luck because we now have the answer.

Zippy the Zonkey was born on the 2nd of October but it was a complete and utter surprise to her owner Kristine Turner, 39. Her zebra, Ziggy, and Rag the 4-year-old donkey managed to breed without her even knowing.


I’m sure a lot of you are wondering how a zebra and a donkey would even come to meet. Well, Kristine bought Ziggy for £10,000 from Germany and she’s shared the fields with nine donkeys since.

I’ve always wanted it to happen but a few years ago I gave up hope. Rag and Ziggy have been on the farm for years. Ziggy has always been a bit porky so I didn’t notice she was getting any bigger. It was a complete surprise.

It’s believed that there is only one other Zonkey in Britain called Zambi. Zambi lives on a donkey sanctuary in Shropshire.

Last month I opened my bedroom curtains, which look onto the farm, and I just saw this little foal sitting up staring my way. I was in complete shock. I ran downstairs in my PJs, put a coat on and went over to see him. He seemed like a right little character and has had a personality from day one.

But Kristine has to remember that Zippy is still half a wild animal.

He’ll nip and kick me a tiny bit but in a cheeky way. Then he’ll dash off. He has quite a fitting name really. He’s calmed down a bit now as he lets me brush him.

Kristine says that Ziggy has really taken to motherhood and she loves her new baby boy. “He’s never out of her sight. They wander around the farm and do everything together. Rag tends to keep out of the way.”

It was a completely natural process. It wasn’t as if I forced them together and was trying to engineer it. I bred Rag on the farm four years ago so I had years thinking it was never going to happen – despite really wanting it too. I’m just so happy. Zippy is just a little miracle.

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