Return to top Man Reads About Stolen Dog And Then Spots Thief, When He Calls Dog’s Name His Next Move Goes Viral

Man Reads About Stolen Dog And Then Spots Thief, When He Calls Dog’s Name His Next Move Goes Viral

By - 12th November 2018

When Zeus the kiteboarding dog was stolen from his family on November 4th, they worried that they would never see him again. But thanks to a man happening to check his Facebook at just the right moment, he has been returned to his family.

Zeus the Jack Russell terrier is the beloved companion of 16-year-old Team USA kiteboarding member, Cameron Maramenides. Cameron will be competing in the 2020 Olympics. If there was a puppy-Olympics, Zeus would be competing too. Zeus is well known for his own kiteboarding skills, as he joins his kiteboarding family often on their adventures.

Cameron’s father is Dimitri Maramenides, a world-renowned kiteboarder. With such a famous kiteboarding family, it’s no wonder that Zeus has picked up on their talents. He has even appeared in magazines and videos, showing off his skills.

But disaster struck their family when they returned to their truck after a competition, only to find that Zeus was gone. The devastated family contacted the police, hired a doggy detective and even offered a $3,500 reward for his return with no questions asked. But as the days passed, there was still no sign of Zeus.

However, fate was about to play its hand. On November 8th, a young electrician from Tampa, Florida, called Miguel Camacho, was waiting to take a test. As he waited at West Tampa Park, he sat and scrolled through Facebook and happened across a post about Zeus’ story.

All of a sudden, a vehicle pulled up that caught his attention.

I was sitting there, reading the article, the guy pulls up, gets out the car, grabs the dog and I’m thinking, man this looks just like that dog.

Camacho immediately contacted the telephone number in the Facebook post and began speaking with 16-year-old Cameron. He could hear the distress in the boy’s voice and knew he had to help however he could.

They called the police but they couldn’t do anything without the dog’s owner being present. Cameron asked Camacho if he could keep watch of the man and Zeus until they could get there. Camacho knew that he had to take his test soon. However, after hearing the pain in Cameron’s voice, he decided that helping him was more important.

He followed the man in his gray Sedan so as not to lose track of him. Eventually, the man pulled over and climbed out of his car to confront Camacho. The man asked why he was following him and Camacho bravely said, “I believe that dog isn’t yours.”

Calling out Zeus’ name, the dog jumped straight out of the vehicle and into his car. The confrontation could have been a lot worse, but Camacho kept his cool and managed to rescue Zeus from his kidnapper.

It wasn’t long until Zeus the kiteboarding dog was reunited with his owners. While he was only missing for a week, it must have felt like an eternity to them.

We are feeling completely exhausted, yet elated and we are still pinching ourselves to see if we are dreaming. We are so fortunate Miguel was there and was willing to put himself into a possibly dangerous situation to get our dog back.

The police have been unable to locate Zeus’ kidnapper so far, but the family hopes that he is caught so that he doesn’t do the same to someone else.

Camacho was unaware of the cash reward at the time of the incident, but he is happily accepting the $3,500. He intends to put it all into savings for his two children. And as for his missed test, his teacher allowed him to retake it once he heard of Camacho’s brave act.

We love a story with happy endings all round!

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