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Mom Finds Cat Staring At Photo Of Deployed Son, When She Pieces Together The Truth Her Heart Breaks

By - 10th July 2018

Living in a shelter, it can feel like a lifetime before somebody will come along and sweep you away to your forever home. For Yuuki the cat, she would gaze at the humans who browsed the cages of the shelter, praying for the day that someone would pick her. After a long time waiting and dreaming, a teenager named Max and his mother, Erin Nimrichter, came along and fell in love with her straight away. 

Yuuki was finally in a loving forever home and she loved her new owners. Likewise, Max and his mom adored Yuuki and thought she was the best cat ever. Yuuki fit into their family straight away, and Max and Yuuki would often snuggle up on the couch together as they fell asleep. It didn’t take long before Yuuki fell in love with her owner.


But Yuuki and Max’s days of cuddling and playing were numbered. Max was in his first year of service with the U.S. Navy and in six months time, he would be shipped off to boot camp. When he adopted Yuuki he believed that she would keep his mom company while he was away. But while Yuuki liked Erin, she loved Max more.

Max has always felt connections to any animals he was around. He’s a sweetheart.


When Max was shipped out and left the family home in Ohio, Yuuki couldn’t believe her best pal had gone. When a loved one enlists in the army, their family and friends back home miss them dearly. But we forget that animals feel the same attachment as we do, so when their beloved owner goes away, they pine for them too.

As time passed, Yuuki accepted that it would be a while before she saw her beloved Max again. However, that didn’t stop her loving him. As it turns out, she found a new way of keeping him in her heart.


Erin began to notice that Yuuki would disappear and when she would search for her, she would find her sitting in front of a framed photo of Max. The kitty would gaze intently at him, meowing.

She just sits there, stares and meows and then lays down next to the picture to nap. I know for sure she misses him.


Erin tested to see if it was a fluke by moving the picture’s location. No matter where she placed it, Yuuki would find the picture and go through the same ritual. She clearly missed Max.

Here is a video of Yuuki caught in action, pining for her beloved Max.

Thankfully, the lovesick kitty didn’t have to wait too much longer to see Max again. The family recently visited him and Yuuki was allowed to tag along. I bet that was a tear-jerking reunion, to say the least.

My son worries that she won’t remember him. It gives me comfort knowing she does, and it’s nice to have proof to show him.


Once Max’s six-year stint in the U.S. Navy is up, the pair has the chance of spending all their time together again. I’m sure that Yuuki is counting down the days…

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