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10-Year Old Makes History As Youngest Ever To Climb El Capitan

By - 21st June 2019
10 year old climbs el capitan

As kids, most of us dreamed of doing something cool like climbing a mountain. But, even if we started training as kids, we never imagined doing those things until we were grown up. But, for one 10-year-old that wasn’t enough. She decided to take on the infamous climb of El Capitan. Aged 10. This is her story.

El Capitan is a notoriously difficult climb in Yosemite national park. The 3000ft mountain took her five days to climb, and her dad documented the whole thing. They slept overnight in hammocks attached to the cliff wall, and even though the climb was steep and tiring, the climbing family took it all in their stride.

10 year old climbs el capitan

This makes Selah Schneiter the youngest ever person to climb the steep cliff face. You can tell that she is a talented and motivated girl. However, she acknowledged that sometimes the going was tough. In those moments when she was really tired, she just thought about what she was doing.

“Usually I just take deep breaths and think about, you know, what it means to me,” the 10-year-old said. “What does this climb really mean to me.”

When asked about what she missed when doing the five-day climb, her answer was simple. “Pizza”. She deserves a hundred pizzas after her incredible effort!

Some people, including her grandma, questioned whether it was safe for her to attempt the climb with her parents. However, she has proved them all wrong. Do you think her parents were being irresponsible or giving their daughter a unique opportunity? Selah obviously rose to the challenge and set the incredible world record.

10 year old climbs el capitan

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