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Amazing 11-Year-Old Skateboarder Is Aiming For 2020 Olympics

By - 8th August 2019
child skateboarder

Everyone has a talent. Whether that’s baking or driving or being a compassionate friend, we are all skilled human beings in one way or another. But how many of us were entering huge sporting competitions before we went to high school? That’s what 11-year-old skateboarder Sky Brown is doing.

Sky lives in Japan and is of Japanese and British descent. However, her skateboarding ability is so great that she travels to California just to compete! Not only can she do more tricks than we can count, but she was also the youngest person to ever compete in the Vans U.S. Open.

child skateboarder

Sky has been a skateboarder since she was seven, and entered competitions at that age. However, she doesn’t necessarily do it to compete. She genuinely loves what she does!

“I just love skateboarding. It’s my happy place,” she said.

child skateboarder

What’s surprising for someone so talented and so young, however, is that she doesn’t have a trainer. “If I see someone do a trick, I’ll be like ‘I wanna try that’,” she said. And that’s it! Maybe someone should get in touch with Tony Hawk, though…

What’s next for the prodigious skateboarder? The Olympics of course! Sky is a member of Team GB’s skateboarding squad for the 2020 games, the first where skateboarding will be competed. She hopes to represent her country and come back with gold!

child skateboarder

But, she had a tidbit of advice for any other girls watching her strut her stuff. “I want girls to know that you can be a girly girl and do sports!” She is truly wise beyond her years. “I want to go to the Olympics,” she told Skateboard England. “I want to be the youngest one out there and show the girls it doesn’t matter how big you are or how small you are. You can do anything.”

Now, check out the video to see her incredible tricks and skills.

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