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Teen Walks To Graduation Alone, Stranger’s Photo Goes Viral And Inspires Incredible Surprise

By - 31st May 2018

One day in May, Dee Bree, a bus driver, saw a young man dressed head to toe in his graduation cap and gown walking towards the high school. Corey Patrick from Birmingham, Alabama, bordered her bus and rode on it for a few stops before getting off to continue to walk the rest of the journey on foot. That’s right, Corey walked to graduation!

Dee was so inspired by what she’d seen. That’s why she snapped a few pictures of Corey as he walked down the road towards his graduation ceremony.

Corey wasn’t with any family or friends to support him on his big day, but he looked so determined that nothing would keep him down.

walked to graduation

“I did it to inspire people on my page, I didn’t do it because I knew him. I just did it because he got on my bus and I was inspired that he got on by himself and he was so determined to get it with no one backing him.”

Dee hadn’t realised that Corey walked to graduation alone, but soon the details of Corey’s past years came to light. His story is truly incredible.

Corey had attended the same school from kindergarten up until the 11th grade when his family had to move about 10 miles away. But Corey was determined to finish at the same school. He didn’t want to miss out on his final year with his schoolmates at Tarrant High School.

He wanted to graduate with all of his friends so he decided to commute, unfortunately, he didn’t have a car.

Public transport was Corey’s only option. However, taking a series of buses throughout the Birmingham neighbourhoods took him about 90 minutes each way.

Corey had to get up at 4 in the morning and head out of the door by 4:30 to get to school on time. He wouldn’t get back through the door till around 6:30/7pm. But despite the distance and time (and the intense fatigue), Corey continued to work hard to get his degree.

When locals in Corey’s community caught wind of his actions, a local DJ named Rickey Smiley got involved. Rickey invited Corey onto his morning radio show where he had a big surprise in store for him.

Rickey presented Corey with a brand new car to help him out!

Corey Patrick with radio DJ Rickey Smiley after he presented Corey with a brand new car

A GoFundMe campaign also was created to help pay for Corey’s future college expenses. So far, it’s reached over $21,000 dollars! People all over America are contributing to help this dedicated young man.

What’s Corey Patrick doing now?

Since graduating, Corey has now received a full scholarship to Jacksonville University. No doubt this young man will continue to thrive.

How amazing is this young man’s dedication? He walked to graduation and commuted over 10 miles to get to school each day. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section below. ?