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You HAVE To Watch Pixar’s Latest Short ‘Piper’

By - 2nd November 2016

One of the most common questions we received from our readers after the release of Finding Dory was, “where can I see Piper again”? Audiences fell in love with the adorable bird and have been eagerly awaiting the ability to watch the short film again.

If you’ve seen “Finding Dory” however then that will possibly mean that you have seen “Piper” and you’re in for a treat!

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The hungry sandpiper hatchling ventures from her nest for the first time to dig for food by the shoreline in “Piper”

If not or if you’d like to remind yourself you can watch the stunning short which can be found below. Also if you enjoy this then also make sure you check out ‘for the birds’ which is another classic! Anyway back to piper, so to set the scene a flock of sandpipers hunts for food at a seashore, rushing to peck at the sand when the wave recedes and retreating when it comes in.

One baby is encouraged by her mother to join the flock, but she fails to retreat in time and is drenched by the incoming surf. The incident leaves the baby terrified of the water; she refuses to leave the nest.

Barillaro one of the producers of the short commented saying;

 “the impetus for the short came from what watching the behavior of feeding sandpipers, who forage on the shore but flee the water each time the waves flow.”

We can’t give any more than that way, so you’ll just have to watch it below

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