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Wrestler Grabs Microphone To Sing National Anthem At School

By - 22nd March 2019
wrestler sings the national anthem

If you were to imagine who would be a good singer, I bet you wouldn’t think of a high school wrestler. And that’s completely fine, as neither would I. You might expect a karaoke star, dancer, or even someone into acting to sing the national anthem. However, that was not the case.

Picture the scene, it is a district championship wrestling meet and Isaac Bryant is there to compete. He decided to take a nap before the event, which is more than relatable. There is a lot of traveling involved with wrestling, as there is to compete in any sport at this level, so he was inevitably tired.

Meanwhile, the event organisers attempted to play the the national anthem on the sound system to kick off the event. However, they struck a problem. The sound system simply would not work! They got on the microphone to call for someone to sing, but nobody took the opportunity.

wrestler sings the national anthem



Eventually, Isaac’s friend woke him from his nap. “You sing,” he said. Perhaps unusually for a wrestler, Isaac is quite shy and softly spoken, so it was a big challenge for him to get up and sing all by himself. Moreso because of how important the song is, and how much it means.

Isaac is a part of the high school choir, so he has the talent to do the anthem justice, but he’s never sung it on his own before.

wrestler sings the national anthem

Nevertheless, still waking up from his nap, Isaac took to the stage. Within seconds the crowd knew he was the perfect man to sing. Luckily somebody filmed the performance, and the video has gone viral due to his beautiful bartone voice.

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