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Wounded & Bleeding Donkey Stranded On Highway — Angels Come To Save Him

By - 4th November 2016

When Animal Aid received a call to a busy highway they didn’t know what to expect, It was clear and heartbreaking to see, a speeding vehicle had hit him and slashed his shoulder with blood dripping all the way down his leg.

A deep 4-inch wedge of flesh and muscle hung from the shoulder of the donkey who stood completely motionless, He was stranded, between speeding trucks and cars, too shocked and injured to move.

For his guardian angels at Animal Aid, it was hard for them to see but they knew they had to help him!

Watch the breathtaking video of his rescue below! 

“rescuing this darling was easy,” they said! “He didn’t even resist being carried into our ambulance. ‘Hobnob’ who he was later called was a dream patient even through all 54 sometimes-painful wound dressings.

Animal Aid

“He had a story to tell that we find waiting among so many: the story of gentle innocence and the beautiful contentment that should belong to each animal on earth.”

Animal Aid

Animal Aid run a vital rescue program for injured and ill ownerless street animals in Udaipur. “Every day we respond to 15-25 calls on our emergency helpline and rescue more than 3,500 animals each year.”

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