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Flight Attendant Leaves Entire Plane In Hysterics With Hilarious Safety Announcement

By - 6th December 2018

We know that flights aren’t the most exciting thing in the world. And for frequent flyers, hearing the in-flight safety announcement can feel like a real bore. Why? Because it very rarely changes. However, one man has been dubbed the world’s funniest flight attendant by getting the whole cabin laughing with his safety check.

Yes, I’m sure most of you know how tedious the in-flight safety presentation is. But it’s a requirement that has to be done. But it’s not just passengers who can be annoyed by the safety checks. For many flight attendants, it can be frustrating when they know that most passengers aren’t listening to what they say.

Thankfully, one man has managed to make the flights a little more entertaining for both the passengers and the cabin crew. How? Well, he created a little script to make the safety checks a little more entertaining.

The world’s funniest flight attendant has the whole cabin in stitches (including the cabin crew).

Daniel Sandberg was the flight attendant who was using the tannoy to delivery the safety announcement. The passengers knew something was up when he introduced one of the flight attendants as his wife and the other as his mistress.

world's funniest flight attendant

At this moment, 55-year-old Cindy Kuhn grabbed her phone and began filming the hilarious announcement and we’re so thankful she did! This snarky, hilarious and satirical presentation was full of all sorts of jokes and quips.

Sandberg referred to the life vests as “itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka-dot bikinis” and told passengers to attach the oxygen mask to their “favorite child”.

By the end of the announcement, the whole cabin was applauding. Now that’s one way to get people’s attention. Bravo sir, we would have loved to have been on this flight, for sure!

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