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Woman Sets World Record For Most Jars Of Mayo Eaten In Three Minutes

By - 6th September 2019
world record mayo

What’s the weirdest world record you’ve ever heard of? We’re not talking about your Usain Bolts or Simone Bileses here. Those weird and wonderful ones in the small print of the Guinness World Records book every year. We think this could be weirder than anything you’ve seen before…

Michelle Lesco, from Arizona, started speed eating as a way to brag to her friends. “The first speed eating challenge my friends chickened out of,” she explains. “So I did it to make them feel bad about themselves. From there it steamrolled, and now I really love it. Not just because I’m a jerk.”

world record mayo

But, now she holds the world record for many eating challenges. In this video alone you can watch her eat a plate of spaghetti the fastest and consume a hot dog without using her hands the fastest. Yes, she can do both of those things in under 30 seconds, and you can check them out below.

But her next challenge is the weirdest, and the grossest, yet. She’s attempting to eat more mayonnaise in three minutes than anyone ever before.

world record mayo

“I’ve been practising for this attempt my entire life,” she said.

On her first try, the world record to beat was 815.5 grams. That’s over a full jar of mayo! However, she managed to eat a staggering 2448 grams of mayo in three minutes! She smashed the record and ate nearly three and a half jars’ worth of mayo.

world record mayo

“If I open up a Guinness World Record book with all the Guinness World Record titles and I’m one of them I think it’s going to be super exciting. I’m going to buy copies for all my friends.”

Watch her amazing, but disgusting, feat here. Let us know what you think in the comments, and share with your family and friends. Think you could challenge her for this title?