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Teens Routine Wins First Ever Perfect Score On ‘World Of Dance’ & Leaves Entire Room Floored

By - 8th August 2018

If you’ve never watched NBC’s World of Dance, you should. I guarantee it will impress you. But one dancing duo has taken the show to the next level, leaving not one, but three judges stunned.

World of Dance

Now, this is a pretty big accomplishment on the show, but Charity Anderson and Andrés Antonio didn’t come to play around, they came to storm the competition. And their showstopping performance left Jennifer Lopez utterly speechless.

Andrés and Charity both come from Springville, Utah and are only 17 years old! But don’t be fooled by their age, these two dancers are some of the most professional and advanced performers we’ve ever seen.

The two have been dancing together since they were 8-years-old before entering the World of Dance competition.

Down the line, Andrés eventually veered off to focus on contemporary dance but they recently rejoined to come up with this unbelievable performance for the Qualifiers segment of the show.

All three of the World of Dance judges were left in awe by the young dancers’ performance.

Throughout the performance, you could see the judges’ jaws drop. Derek Hough was so impressed that he jumped out of his seat at the end of the performance.

When you choreograph your own routines, you know what you’re capable of doing, you know your limits, you know your strengths. And you guys choreographed a routine that didn’t just play to your strengths, it surpassed them. It transcended dance.

But they didn’t just surpass the judges’ expectations, they even wowed themselves when the judges revealed the scores. They received a combined score of 95.3 in last month’s Qualifiers segment with their interpretation of James Arthur’s “Say You Won’t Let Go“.

Now Charity and Andrés are taking their performance to the next level

Advancing through the competition to the Duals, they performed Kaleo’s “Way Down We Go“. It wasn’t just another great performance, in fact, it was a flawless performance.

The dancing duo walked away with the first perfect score in the show’s history! When you see the performance you’ll understand why.

Charity and Andrés both flipped, span and high-kicked their way into one of the most incredible pieces of dance ever. The judges were so impressed that they even commented on their storytelling skills and their incredible dance abilities. Jennifer Lopez eventually managed to give feedback after being blown away:

The blind jump onto his back, with him not even, like, ‘She’s just going to jump onto my back right now.’ He knew it was coming, like, if it’s time… I don’t even understand… that was ‘The Matrix’!

Thanks to this perfect score performance, the duo will now move on to the Cut rounds. But based on this performance, they’ve certainly got a good chance of walking away with the $1 million grand prize.

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