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Workers Hear Trapped Dog Barking And Do Everything They Can To Help

By - 16th May 2019

It’s always nice to hear positive stories about people going out of their way to help one another, or to help animals. This is one of those stories. A group of workers in Suwalki, Poland, heard a distant dog’s yelps. They recognised he was in distress, so went over to try and help him.

They followed the barks to a remote area with nobody around. In the woods, the dog wouldn’t stop barking for help. But the yelps were sounding increasingly tired, and the workers knew they had to hurry.

workers save dog

Eventually, they found the poor dog, and it was in a sorry state. It was stranded in a sticky puddle of tar, unable to move or escape. It was in desperate need of urgent assistance, but unfortunately, they didn’t have the necessary skills.

But, their quick thinking may have saved this dog’s life. They called rescuer Joanna Godlewska from the Niczyje Animal Foundation, who arrived as soon as she could.

workers save dog

“When I finally arrived and saw a dog lying in the tar, tears came to my eyes,” she said.

The pup had probably been abandoned, and the warm, illegally-dumped, tar had called to its cold bones. It wasn’t to know that it may never be able to get out of the sticky goo. And, despite how long it had survived, the poor dog’s spirit was quickly fading.

workers save dog

However, Joanna’s crew soon arrived and cut the dog’s hair where it was stuck in the tar. Where it was too thickly coated, or in a difficult area, they loosened it with cooking oil.

“He understood that we were saving him,” Joanna continued.

Finally, they got him out and sent him straight to the vet. There, he was thoroughly cleaned and treated for exhaustion. It was messy work, but worthwhile.

workers save dog


He had some superficial injuries on his face but was otherwise fine. He has since grown his fur back and looks beautiful again, all thanks to those kind workers. Their quick thinking saved his life.

Now he’s called Farcik and has some recovery to do before he can go to a forever home. But, he is surrounded by love and care and is a happy dog once again.

workers save dog

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workers save dog