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Dog With Crooked Face Is Abandoned By His Owners, Sits In Shelter And Waits For His Forever Home

By - 4th May 2018

Woody the pit bull has faced a lot of adversity in his eight months of life. When he was just a few weeks old, Woody was attacked by another dog. This is where his problems began.

His owners didn’t take him to a veterinarian and so he ended up with permanent facial deformities. However, there was some slightly good news, his deformities don’t cause him any physical pain.

At five weeks old, Woody’s former owners abandoned him. He was left all alone and chained up in their backyard in Tennessee.

People in the local neighbourhood started feeding Woody to stop him from starving. Then, one of his neighbours decided to call Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation (SNARR).

When the SNARR founder, Courtney Bellew, heard of Woody’s story, she knew she needed to save him.

Bellew met Woody in New York City in November 2017. There she learnt that despite all the sadness and struggles he’d been through, he was still an incredibly joyous young pup.

“We think he’s about 8 months old, but he acts like he’s about 8 weeks old. He’s very playful and very affectionate. He’s a typical goofy pittie puppy. Because his face is kind of cute and silly looking, the personality and face together just make him extra adorable,”

Bellew managed to find a great foster home for Woody and he settled in almost instantly. He fell in love with his foster mom and his new sibling. His foster mom, Jamie Bond, got ill one day and Woody stayed by her side all day.

“He knew something wasn’t right and never left my side. He snuggled with me on the couch all afternoon. Now he’s my shadow, always following wherever I go, making sure I’m safe and sound. Woody loves to curl up on the bed and put his head on my chest.”

Bellew began looking for the right forever home for Woody. There were a lot of applications to go through. As if it were a Christmas miracle, Woody found the right home just before Christmas Eve.

Woody the pit bull

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