Return to top Woman Tries Desperately To Save Her Trapped Horse — With Seconds Left A Hero Farmer Appears

Woman Tries Desperately To Save Her Trapped Horse — With Seconds Left A Hero Farmer Appears

By - 9th August 2017

Anyone who has ever been near the ocean knows that it can be filled with many unpredictabilities. You will see countless warning signs around the beaches, by the water and along the walkways.

One thing you should never underestimate is the tide, all it takes is being in the wrong place at the wrong time for the ocean currents to take advantage and put you in harm’s way.

A rising tide can take humans and animals by surprise and swallow them up in hardly any time at all, in other cases, it can act as a quicksand causing a slow and unfortunate death.

This nearly happened to a horse named Astro. Nicole Graham and her daughter were horseback riding on Sunday afternoon on a beach in Geerlong, outside of Melbourne, Australia.

They had trekked around these beaches numerous times before but on this particular walk, the horses got caught in some soft terrain and the ground began to swallow them up in a muddy death trap.

Nicole was quick to help her daughter and horse escape, but her own horse, Astro, had become stuck in the mud.

As more time passed, the situation escalated, with Astro sinking deeper into the mud and hours going by, it appeared that all hope was lost.

After three hours of struggling, Astro was not only on the verge of suffocation but struggling with thirst and fatigue.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the tide was coming back in and this was only making matters worse.

Nicole stayed by her horse the whole time, and constantly reassured him as others struggled to try and free him. If Astro was going to die, she didn’t want him to be afraid and alone.

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