Return to top Woman Tells Pup That She Loves Her, But The Dogs Response Brings Her To Tears.

Woman Tells Pup That She Loves Her, But The Dogs Response Brings Her To Tears.

By - 8th November 2017

If you have a dog then you probably understand how easy it is to love them, even after just a day of knowing them. But what I bet you wouldn’t expect is for your dog to respond when you tell it you love them. 

We all talk to our pets as if they can understand us, but we would never expect to hear them talk back. When this woman held her adorable Frenchie puppy in her arms and proclaimed her love for it, she got the surprise of her life when it returned the sentiment.

The tiny puppy sits in it’s mom’s arms, wrapped up in a cosy knit jumper, and makes adorable gurgling sounds in response to mom’s teasing. But when the woman says “I love you” to the gorgeous puppy, the puppy shocks everyone as she replies with a very distinct “I love you” back.

The dog mom and whoever is filming absolutely lose it, crying out in disbelief and the woman looks close to tears as she clasps her hand over her mouth in laughter. Most of us get excited by a baby’s first words, but this puppy took it to a whole new level with a ‘first sentence’. Not to mention in a language that isn’t even its own…

To check if they heard it right, the woman says “I love you” once more to the puppy and it responds right back again, clear as day. The puppy doesn’t seem to notice how out of the ordinary her response is and how much her owners are impressed. She certainly is a clever girl!

Do you think dogs can mimic what we say or is it just coincidence that it sounds similar? Please leave your opinions in the comments below. ?