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Dog Runs From Wreckage Of Car Crash That Took Mother – Weeks Later, Her Daughter Finds Him

By - 29th August 2018

Jennifer Orr, 43, from Wichita, was driving a 2014 Jeep Wrangler on Iron Chest Road. Unfortunately, Jennifer hit a rock that caused her car to go off course and the Jeep slid down a huge slope. Chaffee County Search and Rescue‘s Sheriff John Spezze reported that Jennifer’s car fell 600 feet down the mountainside about 3 miles above St. Elmo.

Jennifer Lynn Orr was driving the car through the rocky path with steep drop-offs when she tried to get her Jeep over a rock. However, the car started to slide and she went off the road and down a large slope.

Sadly, Jennifer was pronounced dead at the scene and her daughter, Sam Orr, was airlifted to Pueblo by a medical helicopter.

Sam wrote on a small tribute to her mother on Facebook where she said her mom “was a force.”

I am so proud to be her kid and to go forward from this with hope and peace and fire. Thank you again to everyone for their love, support, and mostly, your prayer.

Sam had suffered some serious injuries including “displaced ribs and a compressed vertebra” but, thankfully, doctors expect her to make a full recovery. But some of Sam’s wounds can’t be healed as easily as bumps and bruises – that day she had lost her mother.

But Sam and Jennifer were not alone in the vehicle on that fateful day. They were also traveling with their dog, Bentley, but he was nowhere to be seen. Not only was Sam grieving her mother’s death, her dog was also missing.

A Facebook page called “Bring Bentley Home” was set up to try and raise awareness to find her dog.

Bentley the Golden Doodle “was last seen running downhill from Iron Chest Road” after the accident.

But 19 days later, a miracle happened. Sam had heard people say that they’d spotted a dog high up in the mountains wandering alone – that was all Sam needed to hear and she began to head towards the mountains to find her missing pup.

Joseph Stratmann worked with Sam to help find her dog. He knew how much this creature meant to her after the passing of her mother.

Had it not been for Joe, this puppy would not have returned home.

Everyone, please meet Joe (on right), Joseph Stratmann, from northern Colorado. Joe saw an ad regarding the search for Bentley on Craigslist and drove hours across the state to help with the search. Joe was the first person to have spotted Bentley. Upon hearing the news I sobbed in the car and couldn’t WAIT to meet this incredible person who saw my baby with his own eyes, alive and healthy!

But the bit that warmed our hearts the most has to be when Sam held Bentley for the first time since the accident. What makes it better is that she captured the whole encounter on camera!

Sam couldn’t be happier to be reunited with Bentley

I can’t even begin to imagine how incredible this moment must have been for Sam after such tragedy.

When Sam first spotted Bentley, he was extremely nervous but curious. He was still traumatized, waiting around the area of the crash, hoping his family would return.

bring Bentley home

It’s mommy…” Sam says. “You’re okay… You did so good. I’m so proud of you.

Hearing Sam’s happiness when she finds her dog has to be one of the most heartwarming moments you will see.

Sam got a little part of her mom back thanks to the ‘Bring Bentley Home’ page. Apart from being a little malnourished and dehydrated, he appeared to be in good health and Sam couldn’t be happier!

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