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Woman Carries 55-Pound Dog For 6 Hours To Save His Life

By - 14th June 2019

Danger can make people perform miracles. You’ve heard of people lifting up cars to saved trapped loved ones. Or perhaps running into fires to save a child and emerging unscathed. Well, that’s what happened when Tia found an injured 55-pound dog on the mountainside.

Tia and her 67-year-old dad were about a third of the way through their mountain hike when they came across the abandoned dog. Owners nowhere to be seen, Tia wasn’t going to leave him to die. The 55-pound dog had suffered pretty bad injuries and was not moving well. She knew it wouldn’t make it down the mountain on its own, so she picked it up and carried it on her shoulders. For six hours.

woman carries 55-pound dog down mountain

However, the springer spaniel was worth it.

“He was pretty beat up,” Tia said. “He couldn’t walk… For all I knew he could have been out there for a week.”

And the hike wasn’t an easy one, carrying a dog or not.

“Yes, we had to hike through snow, we lost the trail at one point. It was one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life.”

woman carries 55-pound dog down mountain

It sounds tiring even without a 55-pound dog on your shoulders. Tia completed the last six miles of the hike while carrying the springer spaniel. This section took her six and a half hours, but it was worth it to save the dog’s life.

Boomer the dog is now on the mend, considering the circumstances of his rescue. Tia is still going out of her way to help the dog, travelling four hours each way (in a car this time) to see a specialist vet.

woman carries 55-pound dog down mountain

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