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Woman Asks Homeless Man What He Wants For Christmas, But Her Next Move Changes His Life Forever

By - 4th January 2018

Christmas is a time for loving and giving, and most importantly, a time for family. So when you are kept apart from your loved ones against your will, it is particularly difficult. Homeless Alan Duffany hadn’t seen his family in years, but that was all about to change. 

52-year-old Alan Duffany has been homeless for most of his adult life, meaning that he had no address or way for his family back in Tennesse to find him. Duffany would spend his days panhandling on a busy road in Sacramento.

Jody Revak would often walk up and down the road and give him pocket change whenever she could. But eventually giving Alan change wasn’t enough for Jody and she decided she wanted to do more.

One day in December, Alan was panhandling when Jody drove up in her car. Rolling down the window she asked “Alan, if there was something I could get you for Christmas, what would that be?”

Alan knew exactly what his answer to this question was: he would love to see his sister in Tennesse. That would be his Christmas wish.

“I’m going to make that happen for you”, she promised as Alan sobbed into his hands. He had only ever dreamed of seeing his sister again so the idea that his dream could come true was emotional to say the least.

With her friend Stephanie Rice’s help, Jody arranged the Christmas homecoming that Alan had wished for. They bought a bus ticket for Alan to get from Sacramento to Sneedville in Tennesse, where his sister lived.

The ladies also bought him some new clothes so that he could arrive at his sister’s house, ready for a fresh start. Jody and Stephanie’s immense kindness reunited the brother and sister after years apart – something that they never thought would happen again.

Alan’s sister calls the women “angels” but Jody doesn’t see it that way. She just did what she believed was the right thing to do.

There was just something about him that I just connected with. I don’t think anybody should be alone at Christmas and if I could make one wish, I’m grateful that I could.

What an amazing gesture. I’m sure that Alan and his sister had a wonderful Christmas, reunited at last, all thanks to the kindness of strangers.

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