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Woman Asks Her Dog To Take A Seat To Reveal Very Important News And Her Reaction Is Adorable

By - 22nd December 2017

Everybody hates the dreaded ‘C’ word. It tears apart families, it brings devastation and it takes people away from this world too soon. And it’s not just humans that suffer at the hands of the dreaded disease; animals aren’t immune either. When this family found out that their loving dog, Lily, was diagnosed with cancer, the chance of her survival was only 10%. 

Lily the golden retriever one day became sick overnight and seemed to be deteriorating very quickly. Rushing her to the veterinarian, the family found out the awful reason why; Lily had a large tumour on her spleen.

Undergoing an emergency blood transfusion, they were informed that she was able to have an operation to remove the tumour but there was a catch. The tumour was very likely cancerous and so the likelihood of Lily living longer than a few months after the operation was very slim.

Regardless of the gloomy prospect, the family decided to do whatever they could for the ailing dog, in the hopes that a miracle would occur. The time waiting for the test results was torturous, but the day was finally here; the results were in.

Mom sat Lily down to break the test results to her gently and the video is truly heartwarming to watch. Lily is clearly listening intently to her mom and they both share their emotions over the results. The bond between a dog and their owner is very special indeed.

Watch the video to see the moment where Lily finds out her fate after her operation. Hopefully this family gets to enjoy the time that they have remaining together and they have an extra reminder that life is short and can be snatched away at any time. Lily is a little trooper and there’s a lot of life still left in her yet!

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