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Hero Dad Saves Whole Family By Fighting Off Wolf On Camping Trip

By - 20th August 2019
wolf attack family

What’s the worst thing you could imagine on a family camping trip? Forget to bring food? Tent falls down or blows away? How about a wolf attack? That’s what happened to this family camping in Canada; here’s their scary ordeal.

Matt Rispoli took his wife and two young sons camping in the Canadian wilderness this summer. However, they were in for a scare. One night, the New Jersey policeman and his family were all asleep when something big hit their tent.

wolf attack family

“The whole tent wall came in at us pretty violently,” he said.

“I remember the whole tent shaking, the whole thing moving,” added his wife Elisa.

They both immediately thought it was a black bear, as they are fairly common in the area. However, when Matt went to hit the animal, which usually scares away a bear, he felt jaws clamp around his hand.

wolf attack family

The wolf ripped a hole through their tent and dragged Matt out by his arm. His wife held on to his leg in vain, but he didn’t feel a thing. When he looked up, he saw the wolf in the woods ahead of him and screamed at his family. His wife lay on top of the kids to protect them, while Matt tried to stop the wolf.

“I tried punching twice with my left hand,” he explained, due to the wolf’s jaws being clamped around his right bicep. “I was trying to hit it closer to the neck. It felt completely useless.”

wolf attack family

However, the screaming caught the attention of a nearby camper, who came to their aid. Together, they were able to keep the wolf away long enough to escape into the safety of their car.

“He’s always been my hero, but more now than ever for sure,” said his loving wife.

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Photos courtesy of Pexels, Elisa Rispoli, and Facebook.