Return to top Wild Elephants Say Incredible ‘Thank You’ To Heroes Who Just Rescued Their Baby

Wild Elephants Say Incredible ‘Thank You’ To Heroes Who Just Rescued Their Baby

By - 1st December 2017

We already know that elephants are highly emotional, intelligent animals and this video is proof. When a baby elephant became stuck in a ditch, the family of elephants gave the humans a very special thank you upon rescuing it. 

In Kerala, India, a young elephant fell into a ditch and couldn’t get out by himself. Thankfully there were some humans on hand to help dig him out. Using an earthmover, local people and forest officials dig away at the soil to create an easier surface for the elephant to get its footing on. The other members of the elephant family watch and wait on the other side of the river.

After a long time of battling, the baby eventually manages to pull itself up onto the bank and free itself. But it is back on safe land, after the rescue, where the real magic happens.

As the baby runs down the bank towards the water, the rest of its elephant family come rushing towards it, sounding their trunks and making a real fuss. The excitement of the family of elephants is apparent as they surround the baby, checking that it is alright. It is a wonderful sight to behold as the family is reunited; they were clearly very worried.

Once the family have been reunited, they turn to leave the area by walking back into the river; they are probably heading onto safer pastures. This is when something very special happened.

The oldest of the herd turns around to the humans stood on the bank and gives them a very clear signal. Raising its trunk high to the humans, it looks like the elephant is thanking the humans with a salute. The moment is incredible and it is obvious that the elephant is taking a moment to share a connection with its baby’s rescuers.

Watch the video below to witness the magical moment for yourself. If you were as amazed by this wonderful event, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and share with the world. ?