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Little Boy Asked “Why Did God Create Grandmothers?” – His Answer Is Cracking Everyone Up

By - 25th July 2018

I think we can all agree that grandmothers are the best! They give us candy when mom isn’t looking, they give the best hugs, and they love us unconditionally. They are the parent that will never scold you when you’re naughty. When this little boy was asked “why did God create grandmothers?” he had the perfect response. 

The little boy, clad in his karate uniform, is asked about his 100-year-old “MamMa” and we can all relate to the words that come out of his mouth. In a Southern drawl, he shrugs his shoulders and explains just why grandmas are the best (as if we should surely already know how awesome they are).

First of all, the little karate kid can’t believe how old his grandmother is. Whether she is actually 100 or whether he just assumes she is, is still left to be confirmed…

Well, God made grandmothers to love and care about’cha. That’s all I know…


As it turns out, there is an actual psychological reason as to why grandmas are so perfect. Psychology Today claims that grandparents are calmer than they were when they were parents themselves. (Probably because they know they can return these children to their real parents at the end of the day…)

That’s why grandmothers tend to let things slide when the children are naughty. Unlike, how they would have reacted back when their own children were misbehaving. They get to enjoy the fun and the frolicks of raising children, rather than take responsibility for the chaos and stress that also come with them.


Of course, it makes sense now! Grandmas get to enjoy the fun parts of raising children, without having to discipline them. That’s why they are so awesome.

Watch the video below to hear the little boy’s adorable words about how wonderful grandmothers are. Remember to tell your grandparents you love them and thank them for all they do for you.

We couldn’t agree more, kid – Grandmothers are the best! Share this story with your friends to spread the love for grandmothers everywhere and all they do for us. We love hearing your thoughts here at Happiest, so be sure to leave your comments in the section below. ?