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When A Bear Suddenly Charged — He Had Split Seconds To React

By - 3rd November 2016

A Swedish man spending time in the great outdoors while training his new beagle came face to face with his worst nightmare! A Fully grown wild bear — lucky for us the whole encounter was caught on video by both he and his wife, Lena.

Now, what would you do faced with a situation like that? Yeah Same as me probably.. Run!!!

Now it just so happens that’s the absolute worst thing you can do but lucky for Ralph, he knew exactly what was required and you can watch the dramatic footage bellow!

“I screamed all I could,” Ralph Persson told the local Hela Halsingland newspaper.

Persson said he was in the forests of Jamtland when he noticed is dog signalling that there may be danger. He and his wife both spotted the bear and began filming it right away, and at that very moment the bear came charging straight at him

Only moments left to react, Persson somehow managed not to pass out with fear and made himself as large, loud and intimidating as possible, as the video shows.

“To lie down and play dead, I do not believe in that,” Persson said.

Ralph said he thought the bear was just marking his territory and he understands that he should have backed away when he initially saw the bear.

“This time, I went over the limit,” he told the newspaper. “You have to have respect for the animals.”

The right action to take in a bear encounter will depend on the type of bear and situation. Stay safe out there orcas.

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