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When A Baby Starts Choking, This Police Officer’s Life-Saving Training Kicks In

By - 25th February 2019

It’s every mom’s worst nightmare. She only looks away for a second but that’s all it takes for food to get caught in her baby’s throat.

In the video from a food court in Palm Beach, FL, it’s just another day until her child stops breathing. When you’re a mom, there’s nothing that can prepare you for an emergency like this.

Panicking, she scoops her little girl out of the pram and pats her back, hoping to dislodge the food. Another mom notices the emergency and runs over. She wants to help but she doesn’t know what to do either.

Soon, the scene is attracting a crowd as other people in the food court rush to try and help. Two of those people are on-duty police officers. The first officer, Robert Ayala, picks up the baby and tries his hardest to clear her airways but the obstruction just won’t clear.

It’s been more than a minute and the baby is still unable to breathe. She starts to turn blue and every second is now critical.


But the police officers don’t lose their cool. Officer Ayala sticks to his training, performing the choking rescue procedure, as the terrified mom looks on.

Two minutes pass and still no luck. The baby’s mom throws her arms around a stranger in despair.

But the officers don’t give up.

Finally, when it looks like all hope is gone, the baby starts breathing again.

“I was just at the right place at the right time,” Officer Ayala said later, crediting his police training as the reason he was able to save the 14-month-old’s life.

Who knows what would have happened if Officer Ayala wasn’t there!

Should all moms be trained in this life-saving skill? Let us know what you think in the comments below.