Return to top Whale says incredible ‘Thank You’ to the solo diver who rescued him. 

Whale says incredible ‘Thank You’ to the solo diver who rescued him. 

By - 1st June 2017

Though sometimes our intentions may seem crystal clear to most, sometimes animals see us as a threat… Let’s be honest, we haven’t always had the best reputation with animals.

In December 2005, James Moskito, a professional diver, was working with a team of volunteers by the Fallon Islands off the coast of San Fransisco. He suddenly spotted a huge humpback whale surfacing from the water and it didn’t look like it was in the best shape.

He could tell that the whale looked disturbed. It was odd to see a whale surface for such a long time as they usually only spend a few seconds above sea level for air.

As the whale came up for air, James felt the whale was trying to communicate as he felt it gaze at him each time. What James did next would shock most… He donned a wetsuit and started swimming towards the whale.

Once the diver reached the whale, he was amazed with his discovery. He placed his hand by the animal’s large eye while it followed him as he swam around. In that moment, James knew that the whale was asking for help but with a creature of this scale, it could become a very risky operation.

James worked tirelessly for hours trying to free the whale from the contraption she was stuck in. This was an incredibly dangerous task to try and achieve.

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