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Woman Waves To Brown Bear, But Is Caught Off Guard By His Unexpected Response

By - 18th July 2018

Who said grizzly bears are scary? Some of them just want to have a little fun. In fact, they can be quite polite creatures. We’ve found one very friendly creature, a waving bear who loves greeting those who pass by.

Who would have thought that a grizzly bear could become such a lovable furry friend? I didn’t, but now I want to hang out with this gorgeous creature.

The bear in question lives in the Olympic Game Farm in Washington where hundreds of animals live in vast open spaces. Visitors at the farm get to learn more about the wildlife. They also get to see some truly incredible animals that they wouldn’t normally get a chance to see.

This majestic and mighty creature loves sitting and watching people go by, especially when they look like friendly humans. Those who get the best treatment get to see the waving bear say hello and goodbye in the cutest fashion.

waving bear

This beautiful waving bear is one of the cutest videos you will see all week

It started when one woman decided to wave at the bear in the field, but she was stunned when she saw that the bear waved right back at her.

One set of visitors were sat in their car when they decided to say goodbye to one of the beautiful brown bears. But they were left with huge smiles when the jolly big beauty waved back at them.

I don’t know about you, but this has to be one of the cutest videos I’ve ever seen. The bear looked so happy knowing that it managed to put a smile on the humans’ faces. What more could you possibly want in life? I don’t think there is anything.

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