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44 People Injured After Wave Pool Malfunctions And Creates Tsunami

By - 1st August 2019
wave pool error

There’s nothing better than relaxing in the pool on holiday. Actually, there is something better, and that’s a water park. Full of various different pools, slides, and rides, water parks are a great day out for all the family. Or, so they should be. This wave pool went seriously wrong and turned a dream holiday into a nightmare.

The incident happened at Shuiyun Water Park in Northern China. The popular tourist spot attracts 500,000 visitors a year to this water park alone, but that will be significantly lower after this incident.

wave pool error

A video of the tsunami-sized wave in the wave pool was posted to Twitter with the caption “‘Wave machine operator got drunk and turned the machine to its maximum setting”. However, the water park has denied this was the case and attributed the error to a mechanical malfunction. It makes more sense, as there wouldn’t be a setting for waves that big and dangerous.

A spokesperson for Shuiyun Water Park gave a statement yesterday. “It was caused by a mechanical fault,” they said. “Only around 10 people were injured… The wave pool was closed for a day for repairs. It’s already been fixed and will be open tomorrow.”

However, authorities put the number at 44. Three people are in hospital suffering from broken bones and serious cuts.

wave pool error

Wave Pool Investigation

But, the Longjing city government has started an investigation into the accident. Their findings are as follows:

“According to the initial stages of the investigation, the incident was caused by a power cut that damaged electronic equipment in the tsunami pool control room, which led to the waves in the tsunami pool becoming too big and injuring people.”

wave pool error

So, no drunk operator. But, huge scary waves. We hope everyone involved is okay, and wish them a speedy recovery. But, luckily there were inspiring people on hand who helped those who were injured. Everyone worked together in the way only humans can to get each other the help they needed.

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