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Watch This Brave (Or Crazy?) Man Risk His Life To Save A Scared, Drowning Chimp

By - 4th March 2019

Rick Swope could be crazy or brave or both!

While on a family trip to Detroit Zoo, Rick and his family came across a chimpanzee drowning in the moat around the chimp enclosure. The chimp in question, Jojo, had slipped into the water after being chased by a more aggressive ape.

Zookeepers were reluctant to enter the enclosure to save Jojo — knowing full well just how dangerous an angry chimp can be – but Rick literally leapt into action, plunging into the dark waters to save Jojo.

In the video, we can see Rick just about managing to keep his head above the waters as he carries Jojo back to the bank. On-lookers shout “He needs some help! Somebody help him!” but Rick is a one-man rescue team.

Rick, makes it back the bank of the enclosure and miraculously manages to lift Jojo onto dry land. Though he is slipping back into the water, Rick takes the time to make sure that Jojo is safe saying, “When I finally got him up to the bank and I could hold him up there he wasn’t moving. He was lifeless but he was looking at me when I got him turned around, so I knew he was alive.”

Despite other visitors crying for Rick to stay with Jojo, he wisely heads back to the human side of the moat, narrowly avoiding a potential attack the chimp that chased Jojo into the moat. Rightly so, Rick receives a round of applause for his bravery.


Watch the whole video below and decide for yourself, was Rick brave or just crazy? Which critter would you leap into murky waters to save?