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Watch How Fast Mum And Dad React to Save Their Baby From Drowning.

By - 20th June 2017

An elephant calf fell into a pool in an enclosure in Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea. A pair of adult elephants hurried to baby’s aid as it struggles to keep mouth and trunk above water and guided it to safety in this incredible footage.

The youngster had been standing at the side of a large pool in the enclosure with one adult elephants when it slipped into the water.

The stunned elephant panicked as it watched the struggling calf keep its trunk and mouth above the surface of the pool.

Help arrived when a second adult rushed over to the side of the pool after hearing the commotion.

The pair of frantic elephants worked together and decided they would be best reaching the youngster if they entered the water from the shallow end of the pool.

They hurtled round to the other side of the water and crashed their way through the pool till the reached the elephant calf.

A third elephant can be seen in the background of the video running back and forth in a state of panic within a separate enclosure. It can be seen looking visibly distressed as it paced up and down with increasing desperation as it couldn’t be of any assistance during the rescue.

The two adults managed to get the situation under control and manoeuvre the baby elephant back out of the water in with a speedy piece of teamwork.

The two adults managed to restore order in an excellent display of teamwork getting at either side of the calf in the water.

They used their trunks to lift the baby up so that its head was above water before guiding the startled animal back towards the shallow end of the pool.

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