Return to top Train Passengers Sing ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ On Morning Commute, Leaves Everyone Beaming

Train Passengers Sing ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ On Morning Commute, Leaves Everyone Beaming

By - 24th January 2018

Our morning commutes to work can be pretty tedious. We have our morning routine and we settle into it, not expecting anything out of the ordinary to occur. But this day on the train, passengers in Perth, Australia, were going to have their days brightened up before it had even begun. 

Usually when people ride the train, they keep to themselves, barely making eye contact with other people and sticking their headphones in and sitting in silence. But on this train journey, passengers became connected to one another through the simplest of things – music.

At 7:51am on the express train to Perth, Peter and a young ukulele player boarded the train and began to hand out song lyrics to the passengers in the carriage. Potentially one of the most well known songs in the English speaking language is ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’, so it was the perfect choice for a sing-along with strangers.

The aim of the surprise commute was to connect people and to encourage people to not be afraid of self expression in public. We sit in silence, without any human connection, on our commutes to work, but this video serves to remind us how a little bit of connection with strangers can be wonderful for the soul.

We had a few of the Liberators help get the ball rolling, however more than 60% of the passengers who sung along were complete strangers. We sung the entire song, progressively gaining confidence and participants as we went. When we finished an uproar of positive emotion, claps, cheers and smiles came streaming from the people.

Watch the uplifting video for yourself and maybe it will inspire you to connect with the strangers around you today. A little smile and shared laughter can go a long way.

What would you do if faced with this situation on your morning commute? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and share the inspiration with your friends. 🐝