Return to top Maid Is Sent To Clean ‘Important Person’s’ House For Party, But Then They Move In Her Belongings

Maid Is Sent To Clean ‘Important Person’s’ House For Party, But Then They Move In Her Belongings

By - 11th January 2018

Single mother of three, Cara Simmons, has worked hard all of her life to provide for her family. She has never taken a day off or a vacation and even worked through times when she developed stomach ulcers that hospitalised her. Her hardworking nature hadn’t gone unnoticed though and it was time to pay her back. 

Cara’s employer, Maid Bright, had noticed how hardworking Cara was and admired her for her determination to provide for her family. So they decided to arrange something special for her and contacted the ‘Prank It Forward’ team.

Cara was sent by the housekeeping company she worked for to the house of ‘someone very important’, where she was greeted by a lady called Madeline Blue. Cara is informed that the cleaning is already done but there are still things that need doing.

Blue informs her that there is going to be a big party that evening so she needs help with a few extra details. Leading Cara into the dining room, she is sat at the head of the grand dining table and introduced to the head chef who is preparing the meal for the evening.

While Cara thinks she is just going to be taste testing the meal for the evening, she instead tucks in to a full gourmet lobster and truffle meal. But the treat doesn’t stop there.

The doorbell rings and Cara answers the door to massage therapists who set up their beds for the party. In order for them to warmup their hands for the evening, Cara is given a four-handed massage and she can barely believe that this is even happening; she surely must be dreaming.

After dinner and a massage, she is led upstairs to the bedroom where she is told she can have any of the beautiful clothes in the wardrobe that she likes… and funnily enough, they’re all in her size.

But the treats don’t stop there as a big surprise is still in store that will explain everything to Cara about why she has had such a bizarre (but wonderful) experience at this house.

Watch the video to see Cara’s final huge surprise and witness her get the good treatment that she truly deserves.

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