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Simon Hits Golden Buzzer After Audience Is Left Weeping By Father And Son’s Beautiful Song

By - 2nd May 2018

Many people walk on to the stage of Britain’s Got Talent, but not many manage to impress the judges as much as this father-son duo. Tim and Jack Goodacre’s flawless performance managed to captivate the audience so much, that they earned the coveted Golden Buzzer. 

The father and son may be three decades apart in age, but their talent is parallelled. Both playing the guitar and singing in perfect harmony, the family duo love to create original songs together. When they decided to audition for Britain’s Got Talent it was one of their original songs that they chose to audition with.

Their song called ‘The Lucky Ones’ is so good that it’s hard to believe this humble father-son duo managed to come up with it. The inspiration for the touching song came from their own personal experiences with love and loss within their family.

We’ve all had family losses and things like that, and as a father and son – it’s a father-son and family song. It’s about us.

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Jack also adds that the songs is “about how lucky we are to have what we have.” Their gratitude for what they have is what drove the pair to audition for Britain’s Got Talent; they want to grab all the opportunities they can and share their talent with as many people as possible.

Their beautiful song about dealing with loss and moving forward touched the hearts of every member of the audience, reducing judge Amanda Holden to tears. As the pair nervously waited for the judge’s opinions at the end of their song, they got a huge shock when almost immediately after, Simon Cowell pressed down on the Golden Buzzer.

Watch their beautiful performance in the video below and see exactly why they got the Golden Buzzer. We love to hear your thoughts here at Happiest, so be sure to leave your opinions in the comment section below. Share their wonderful talent with your friends. 🐝