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Young Nanny Kept Baby A Secret For 52 Years, Until Her Sister Gets A Call That Changes Everything

By - 10th October 2018

Back in the sixties, a 20-year-old Minnesota lady called Valerie Leatherwood was working at a nursing home. The nursing home was run by nuns and Valerie worked as a nanny.

Valerie unexpectedly fell pregnant, however, the nun who supervised her was very disapproving of the situation Valerie was in.

As a young woman, Valerie panicked because of the nun’s attitude. She was sent away to work as a nanny in another town. This was done to try and keep Valerie’s pregnancy a secret.

A few months later, Valerie gave birth to a baby girl. Sadly, five weeks after she was born, Valerie Leatherwood put her daughter up for adoption.

The whole situation was kept a secret. Even Valerie’s family didn’t know she was pregnant, let alone had given birth.

For the next 52 years of her life, Valerie Leatherwood kept her pregnancy a complete secret from everyone. Valerie truly believed it would be a secret that she would take with her to the grave.

However, decades after she gave birth, Valerie had started a family and moved on with her life. But she had no idea that her niece and brother had given their DNA samples to to try and find any other relatives.

Years later, Valerie’s daughter found the results and approached her aunt Diana (Valerie’s sister) with a rather shocking question.

She asked Diana if anyone in their family had ever given a baby up for adoption. Diana was shocked when she heard the question:

You could’ve knocked me over with a feather.

Valerie Leatherwood

However, when Diana told Valerie about the unexpected phone call, she confessed. After 52 years apart, she finally met her daughter.

Honestly, this reunion almost brought us to tears. The reunion was all too sweet and long overdue.

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