Return to top UPS Drivers Share Photos Of The Most Interesting Furry Friends On Their Routes, We Can’t Get Enough

UPS Drivers Share Photos Of The Most Interesting Furry Friends On Their Routes, We Can’t Get Enough

By - 1st June 2018

Once upon a time dogs were a postman’s worst nightmare. Film and television portrayed the postman as an enemy to dogs everywhere but now, it seems that somebody has flipped the script. The UPS Dogs account is definitely the noble heroes showcasing the love between postal services and pets.

The UPS Dogs Facebook page has over 1 million followers! Their social media channels want to dispell the myths that dogs don’t like deliveries. So their accounts share some gorgeous pictures of drivers hanging out with their favourite furry friends in their neighbourhood.

UPS Dogs

UPS Dogs isn’t just for dogs..?

That’s right, it would appear that what started off as a lovely account dedicated to the dogs that love the deliveries has grown some more animal fans. Everything from cats, cows, alpacas, deer, goats and geese have all made appearances to say thank you to the guys and girls who deliver their mail.

So why not have a look at the little list we’ve compiled of some of our favourite animal interactions from the UPS Dogs channel. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

1. Attack dog in action!

2. Pick a shade that suits you

3. Best friends with a baby alpaca

4. A very curious goat

5. The bigger the stick, the better the fetch

6. A kiss from a deer

7. Debbie De Goose loves hugging her delivery man

8. Sesame the Opossum loves bonding with her UPS driver

9. Buzz loved greeting the driver, even at the age of 18

10. Nothing cuter than a sheep and a dog that love each other

11. A big hug goes a long way

12. So close yet so far

UPS Dogs

13. Spot the intruder

14. The Duchess found a friend in Eric

15. Like something from a fairytale

16. This dog brought backup

17. A very considerate UPS employee

18. A love from a dog goes a long way

19. This big savage nearly attacked the driver

20. It’s not just 4-legged creatures who like to get a hug from the UPS team!

21. Every now and then you get an interrogation

22. Darrell has become part of the pack

23. Sometimes you’ve gotta go to the dog

24. Mobbed by a gang of gorgeous pups

25. A very curious cow

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