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Boss Goes Undercover In His Company, Bursts Into Tears When He Discovers Star Employee is Homeless

By - 4th September 2018

At the age of 25, Angel was working a restaurant job when she fell pregnant. Eventually, she was unable to work as her pregnancy progressed so she was, unfortunately, let go. She was now penniless and due to give birth, so Angel moved into a homeless shelter as her only option. Angel lived at the homeless shelter there for 2 years with her three children. That is until an ‘undercover boss’ heard her story and drastically changed her life.

Thanks to Angel’s excellent work ethic and dedication to bettering the lives of her and her kids, she managed to land a job at Modell’s Sporting Goods in New York City.

But Angel had no idea that she would be appearing on an episode of Undercover Boss. On camera, she was seen training up a new employee called Joey. But what Angel didn’t realise was that ‘Joey’ was actually Mitchell Modell, CEO of the sporting goods giant.

Undercover Boss
Mitchell Modell, disguised as ‘Joey Glick’ for Undercover Boss

Dressed in a disguise and with a backstory to boot, ‘Joey’ went undercover at his workplace to see if there were things that could be changed. After hearing Angel’s story, he knew he had to help her out.

The undercover boss was so impressed with Angel’s enthusiasm and superb customer service skills

My first impression with Angel is that I’m blown away. She understands how important customer service is and it’s great to see, as CEO, things that I totally believe in are being filtered down to the store level.
Angel helping ‘Joey’ out on Undercover Boss

Angel (who still has no idea who Joey really is) had some incredible words of comfort for ‘Joey’ when he told her he applied for the job at Modell’s Sporting Goods when his pizza shop closed down.

Joey I think you’re very brave and I think sometimes you may have ups and sometimes you may have downs. As long as you drive yourself you’re going to be fine.

It was here where Angel shared her own personal struggles with Mitchell Modell and he was moved beyond words.

“I’m the one who decides how much our associates are paid and to learn that one of our employees is homeless makes me sick.”

At the end of the episode, Angel got to meet the man behind the costume. She had no idea that Mitchell Modell was working alongside her and she had no idea what he was about to do.

He told Angel that she was an exceptional employee and so he wanted to promote her to assistant manager. But not only that, he was going to give her a $14,000 annual raise.

But Mitchell wasn’t quite finished – he couldn’t have one of his employees going back to a homeless shelter.

Mitchell then told Angel that he had something else for her because he didn’t want her kids going back to a shelter with her.

I want you to move out of there immediately, like tonight.

This unbelievably kind gesture brought Angel to her knees as she broke down and cried. Watch the video below to see what Modell did for Angel. You may need some tissues ready as it’s a pretty emotional journey.

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