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Unwanted Kitten Was Nearly Put To Sleep, 3 Years Later She’s Unrecognisable

By - 30th October 2017

We are all born in different shapes and sizes and for this little kitten she was born very unique indeed! Meet Kanga…

Kanga was only four weeks old when she was brought into a veterinary clinic in Northern California. The intention was to euthanise the innocent kitty but luckily for her she was saved by a kind woman named Cheryl. Cheryl saw past the kitten’s disability and decided she deserved a chance at life.

Kanga was born with a congenital defect called ‘radial agencies’. This affected the formation of her radius bones in her arms, resulting in tiny front legs. The adorable kitten resembles a kangaroo, resulting in her lovingly being named Kanga Roo.

Cheryl was unable to adopt the kitten herself so she contacted Saving Grace Rescue in San Francisco and begged them to take care of her. They wasted no time in rescuing Kanga and taking her back to San Francisco where she learnt to hop around on her back legs with no problem. She loved her new surroundings and developed into an affectionate kitty.

When Joyce and her family learned of Kanga and her unique story they knew that she was the cat for them; they instantly adopted her.

We saw a video of her and fell in love. Because she was a petite girl, it took a few more weeks to reach 2 lbs, the weight necessary for spaying surgery.

On June 28 2014, Joyce took her home to join the family and much to Kanga’s surprise, they already had a number of furry siblings for her. Kanga’s new home was looking set to be purrfect!

Kanga has now fully grown into a beautiful tabby and she is as happy as ever! She has a special bond with her sister cat, Skittles, who looks out for her and makes sure nobody picks on her. Kanga herself also has a tendency to look out for other cats in need; she has never forgotten where she came from.

Joyce continues to take care of cats in need by fostering kittens and Kanga helps out where she can.

Kanga Roo, the protector, was in full mama mode. The babies were eating and she heard a noise so she looked up to see what was up.

Joyce recently fostered a kitten called Alealani who it turns out has the same condition as Kanga. Kanga is a perfect example to Alealani of what she could grow up to be; the little kitten copies everything Kanga does and sees her as a role model.

Kanga is living proof that animals can still live a fulfilling life with a disability just as long as they have a loving family to care for them and believe in them.

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