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Cats Perform Hilarious Yet Incredible Circus Routine, Leaving The Judge’s Mouths Wide Open

By - 8th June 2018

America’s Got Talent, as always, brings us some of the most varied, weird and wonderful talents (some questionable) ever! This series is no exception. But one act that is standing out for all the right reasons is the Savitsky Cats.

Now, we all know that Simon Cowell loves a good dog act on Britain’s Got Talent. So now that he’s state-side, would he be looking for another incredible animal? Most likely, but I bet he never thought he’d find talent in some cats.

Who are the Savitsky Cats?

Marina and her mother, Svetlana have worked for years training their gorgeous feline friends to perform some truly incredible stunts. Though Heidi, Mel B and Howie seemed interested, Simon looked sceptical.

Savitsky Cats

Yes, you heard that correctly, they have some incredible performing cats.

These cats perform death-defying leaps, swinging from poles and jumping through hoops. This truly is the Cirque du Soleil for cats!

Can these fluffy felines win over Simon and the judges?

You better believe it! Simon Cowell was so impressed that cats could perform such complex tricks with real discipline.

“You know why that was so impressive? Because dogs want to please. Cats are like, “Make me.” They had sort of like “cattitude.” ‘I think there’s a gap in the market for this. I thought with my dogs sometimes, it’s like I want to take them out and see a show and this is a show I can take them to.”

Svetlana and Marina’s incredible training and love for their felines showed in their performance. Seriously, have you ever seen a cat swing across bars with just its front legs?! Heidi was also stunned by what she’d just witnessed, joking about a cat’s natural behaviours:

“Obviously I am also very impressed. I used to have a cat and even if I would call her name, she wouldn’t even come inside of the house.”

Can your cat do any tricks? Don’t forget to watch the incredibly talented Savitsky Cats in the video below. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section. 🐝