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Pixar’s Oscar Nominated Film Teaches Us All A Valuable Lesson When It Comes To Bullying

By - 29th June 2018

If you haven’t heard of Pixar Animation Studios, you must have been living under a rock. Pixar has created some of the greatest animated movies of all time, from Toy Story to Finding Nemo to Monsters Inc. and The Incredibles (to name a few).

They are true wizards of filmmaking and they have created some of the greatest and highest grossing films in the world. But there’s one thing every Pixar film features and that is an important message and countless life lessons.

But it’s not just their feature films, Pixar also spends a lot of time creating short films which are stellar masterpieces in their own right. They’re brilliant little films to watch and enjoy before the main movie begins. Some are more known than others, but all of them have their own charms.

In fact, I can still clearly remember which shorts came before certain feature-length films. That’s the power and influence Pixar has on young minds and film fanatics.

But there’s one that has really opened my eyes and charmed me in all the right ways. This short film is Pixar’s LOU

LOU is a brilliant short that aims to spread the message of positivity, sharing, anti-bullying and how times can be tough in school.

LOU is a rather unique character. The main character is a bundle of miscellaneous items in a Lost and Found box in a school playground. The rival in the film appears to be a young playground bully called J.J.

Pixar's LOU

Director and writer Dave Mullins created LOU as a nostalgic idea from his youth.

I moved around a lot and there’s that feeling you get when you’re the new kid at school, you either want to hide from people, or you feel like people don’t see you. And I thought, ‘You know, that would be a really cool character, if you take that negative experience and put a positive spin on it. What if there was a character that could hide in plain sight at school? What would that be?’

Dave wanted to ask the question of why kids bully and what made them become a bully. Surely, it comes from personal experiences? LOU wants to take down a toy-stealing playground bully with a taste of his own medicine before sending him on a quest for forgiveness.

Pixar's Lou

Bullies are usually just acting out because they’re awkward or young and don’t have their moral compass set. In a weird way, they sometimes feel invisible, too.

True happiness comes from giving and not taking. That’s the important message Dave wanted to share in his film.

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