Return to top Flower Girl Stops Mid-Ceremony To Say ‘Hi’ To Dad, This Video Is Guaranteed To Make You Smile

Flower Girl Stops Mid-Ceremony To Say ‘Hi’ To Dad, This Video Is Guaranteed To Make You Smile

By - 24th May 2018

We seem to be on a bit of a wedding hype at the moment, what with the Royal Wedding making world news with over 2 billion people watching around the world. But there’s one clip from somebody’s special day that really gave us the giggles. A flower girl stops mid-aisle to talk to someone in the most adorable and hilarious moment yet.

flower girl stops

I’m sure you’ve all heard the term ‘Bridezilla’, nobody wants to upstage the bride on her special day. However, one little girl obviously didn’t get the memo, not to worry, she didn’t seem to care that much anyway.

Like most weddings, you may see a flurry of page boys and flower girls who walk down the aisle to accompany the bride. This wedding did just that but one little flower girl may have got a tad distracted during her special job.

This flower girl stops mid-aisle when she spots someone in the crowd

It all started so strong, she walks down doing her duty for the bride-to-be. But suddenly the little flower girls stops as she see’s her dad at the side of the aisle. Immediately she turns around and says “Hi dad!”

I have to admit, though it was a brief encounter, it really was precious. The congregation certainly felt the same way too as they all laughed when they heard her greeting her father.

The innocence and carefree nature of youth really is a special thing. The bride didn’t seem to mind either, overall, it looked like a very special day full of happiness and smiles.

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