Return to top They were having a typical car journey until THIS song came on the radio

They were having a typical car journey until THIS song came on the radio

By - 5th January 2017

A Man and Woman’s relationship with their dog is sacred, the bonds we form are deep and meaningful, they help many through the darkest times, and the love they give is felt by billions.

You can watch the amazing footage at the foot of this article.

Well, turns out they also know how to get down and belt out a tune when the time is right! SO move over Mariah, there is a new pup in town.


This hilarious footage captures the moment a soulful pooch burst into action singing along with his owner to the Rihanna track ‘diamonds.’

‘Junior’ the French Bulldog sat alongside his owner ‘Walter Ledermuller’ in the fantastical singalong which he caught on camera.

The video below shows the dog doing what you could call singing? In fact, my mum sounds similar when attempts a tune.

The first verse begins and the dog starts to sing the sweet harmony of the song, however, the song does get momentarily drowned out as the dog attempts to find the correct pitch. Junior, you’re an artist, my friend.

Humorously, the video comes to a close after Walter counts the pet in for an epic final showdown.

The clip has been viewed more than a staggering 3.5 million times, moral of the story is, If you love what you do anything is possible.

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