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Tiny 2-Year-Old Performs The Cutest Irish Jig At Wedding, And She Never Misses A Step

By - 23rd November 2018

For a lot of families who have a proud Irish heritage, they will have learned many an Irish jig and told stories of their ancestors. It’s a very proud and thriving culture that they keep alive with music and traditions – not just Saint Patrick’s Day.

For one family, they wanted to get their children involved in the Irish traditions early by teaching them dances. This adorable little two-year-old demonstrated a beautiful Irish jig with such skill at such a young age.

She performed in front of her entire family and didn’t miss a single step or beat! Her mum acted as her backup dancer and you could see how well timed the little girl was with the music.

This two-year-old performs a brilliant Irish jig in front of her whole family

Irish jig

In the video, we see the little girl stand up and head to the stage in front of eager onlookers at the family function. While many toddlers are still trying to master how to walk around with balance, this little girl is learning full dance routines.

She certainly doesn’t appear to be nervous or shy in any way, she’s a real natural on the stage. I’m amazed by her confidence and skill. Mom stands behind her doing the choreography with her daughter but she knows that her daughter is the real star of the show.

The little superstar even gives a bow at the end of the routine which has the whole room cheering. They’re obviously very proud of their little girl keeping up the family heritage with her adorable Irish jig.

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