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Parents Wonder What 2-Year-Old Twins Are Up To At Night, So They Set Up A Camera And Hit Record

By - 30th August 2018

As a parent of young kids, one of the biggest struggles has to be the bedtime ritual. Kids struggling to get to sleep, crying the second you leave the room or waking you up in the middle of the night. And you think that’s bad with one child… Imagine how tough it would be with twins!

For one family, they decided to install a CCTV camera to see why their kids weren’t settling. But the twins caught on CCTV were up to more than they expected.

That’s when the parents realized exactly what their little terrors were getting up to. When the parents watched the footage back in the morning, they realized that their twins caught on CCTV were up to all sorts of mischief.

The twins sleep in the same room in separate cribs. But as soon as mom and dad leave the room, their fun begins.

The parents thought they would fall fast asleep as they went to bed with no hassle but little did they know, they were up to mischief behind closed doors.

The toddler twins caught on CCTV were having quite the adventure when their parents left the room

Andrew and Ryan, aged two-years-old, manage to climb out of their cots at night and explore their bedroom together. These siblings from New York clearly live for the night time.

The adventurous brothers were caught red-handed as they crawled out of their cots to play around. But as soon as dad put them back in bed, the fun began all over again!

At one point, the twins even built themselves a fort and sat side by side on the sofa.

Jonathan Balkin, Andrew and Ryan’s father, shared the footage on Facebook of their stealthy behavior and people love it. I think most people with toddlers can relate to the twins’ mischief.

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