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Dad Starts Playing Guitar And Twins Give Each Other The Signal, Their Next Move Will Crack You Up

By - 25th May 2018

For musician John Rudner, having a following of fans dance along to his music is nothing out of the ordinary. However, he has two very specials fans at home who love nothing more than dancing to daddy’s beats. His two baby girls, Chloe and Alexis, love hearing dad play his guitar. Prepare to smile at these twin babies dancing!

So when John’s wife Ashley had strapped the girls into their high chairs for their healthy grub, they were unaware they were going to be treated to some snack time entertainment.

11-month-old identical twins Chloe and Alexis love it when their dad plays the guitar for them. As if they both knew what the other was thinking, they immediately look over at each other and begin to smile. Seconds later, they’re wiggling around like no tomorrow.

twin babies dancing
Chloe and Alexis look at each other before dancing to their daddy’s guitar music

These twin babies dancing has become my new favourite obsession!

The pair erupts into laughter and both start bobbing along and shimmying to their dad’s guitar skills. You can see their glee all over their faces, in fact, you can hear it in their laughter.

Chloe and Alexis sure do love dancing to the music. Who can blame them? It’s a pretty catchy tune. At one point, one of the twins stops to carry on eating a few more peas, but it doesn’t take long before she becomes a slave to the rhythm once more.

The sheer joy on Chloe and Alexis’ face is enough to bring a smile to your own face!

These two know how to dance perfectly in sync with one another. In fact, it’s hard not to fall in love with them both. That would explain why the video of these twin babies dancing has been seen over 27 million times on YouTube!

Did your children love dancing when they were little? What music got them grooving? Don’t forget to watch these adorable 11-month-old twin sisters dancing to their daddy’s guitar skills in the video below. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section. ?