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Truck Driver Witnesses Horrific Highway Crash Ahead, Then His Dash Cam Captures A Miracle

By - 14th September 2018

Professional truck driver David Fredericksen saw a car heading in the wrong direction on an interstate in Biloxi, Mississippi. He watched in sheer horror as the vehicle crashed into a truck before a huge explosion engulfed the vehicles. The trucker’s dash cam caught the incident on camera, as well as what happened next.

The trucker’s dash cam caught the horrific footage of the explosion. But immediately, we see the truck skid to a halt and moments later, David can be seen running towards the wreckage armed with a small fire extinguisher.

But just because he ran towards the flames doesn’t mean he wasn’t scared. In fact, David said he was terrified of what he might find.

God, please don’t let me have to deal with somebody halfway burned alive, screaming.

The trucker’s dash cam footage shows David run towards the fire to save the victims

trucker's dash cam

Within seconds of the explosion happening, the road and the car were engulfed in flames. David prayed that those in the car would be ok. He thought the people in the car would be dead, if not in terrible pain.

David began to yank the door open as the metal frame began to melt, he managed to get to the elderly woman as others also rushed to help. Then he spotted a head pop up in the back window – there was a 1-year-old girl there who looked to be ok.

While other rescuers helped the elderly woman, David began to free the little girl from the back seat. Both the driver and the baby were miraculously ok and David believes it was nothing short of a miracle.

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