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Toddler And Neighbor’s Dog Play The Cutest Game Of Fetch

By - 13th July 2019
neighbor's dog plays fetch with toddler

You always hope that children and pets get along well. Dogs can scare young children and vice versa. A loud bark will set a toddler off crying, whereas an unexpected cuddle or a bite of the tail would scare a dog. Luckily for this family, their neighbor’s dog obviously has a special relationship with their toddler, as you can see from the video below.

The pair are enjoying a great game of fetch – a classic game that most dogs love. However, this game has a difference. There is a fence between the pair! But, this doesn’t stop them from having a great time. The toddler throws the ball over the fence, and the dog drops it back over onto the other side!

neighbor's dog plays fetch with toddler

The pair are both amazingly clever! This young child obviously has a keen mind and fine motor skills to be doing this at such an early age. It also shows he has an appreciation and love for animals, which is an admirable quality. The neighbor’s dog obviously loves the toddler unconditionally and wants to play with him, no matter what comes between them.

The anonymous toddler is being filmed by his mom, who encourages him to keep playing. We assume that the neighbor is cool with this setup, too. We would be because this is the cutest game of fetch we’ve ever seen! There is nothing more wholesome than friendships between animals and children. These pair are sure to be best friends for life by the looks of things!

neighbor's dog plays fetch with toddler

Have you ever had such a heartwarming experience with a neighbor’s dog? Or any stranger’s animal for that matter?  Let us know in the comments, and share this adorable video with your friends and family! You can check out similar stories on Happiest, like this one about Gary Sinise’s incredible surprise for 1,000 children of fallen soldiers.