Return to top Sweet Dog Teaches Tiny Raccoon How To Swim, And It’s The Cutest Footage You’ll See All Day

Sweet Dog Teaches Tiny Raccoon How To Swim, And It’s The Cutest Footage You’ll See All Day

By - 2nd October 2018

There’s nothing better on a hot summers day than relaxing by the pool with friends. It’s the perfect way to spend your day. But it’s not just us humans that like to sit poolside, Tito the raccoon has become an avid fan of pool-life with his best pal, Penny the labrador.

Sure, we love to sunbathe, others may have a barbeque, but these unlikely chums love splashing around in the water. But an unlikely friendship has given the world one of the best duos and now we want them for ourselves!

Penny the Labrador made friends with a neighborhood raccoon that keeps coming over to have fun – now they’re inseparable.

Tito the raccoon is a rescue animal that found a forever home in the family of the chocolate Labrador. Their friendship may not be common, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a loving bond.

They loving sleep by each other’s side, running around together and playing. But their favorite thing to do is splashing around in the swimming pool together.

Tito and Penny’s human mommy loves watching them bond in the pool. We’re just glad she managed to film them frolicking around so we can all enjoy their beautiful friendship.

The most adorable part has to be watching Tito the raccoon cruising along through the pool on Penny’s back as she swims graciously through the water.

Seeing Tito’s tiny paws splash through the water is all too precious. We’re just glad these two have found a firm friendship in one another.

These two creatures are so adorable? Don’t you wish you could have them? I know I do – can somebody please get me a pet raccoon?

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