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Owners Travel 1,000 Miles to Find Dog That Was Stolen – Now Watch The Tear-Jerking Reunion

By - 22nd June 2018

Kidnappings are one of the most traumatising things that can happen to a family. Sadly, for a lot of families, it offers no closure, being left in the dark as to what happened to their loved ones. Darak Prak knows this when his beloved Titan the pit bull went missing.

There are a lot of dognappers out there as well, and just because it isn’t a human that has been taken, it doesn’t mean it hurts any less. Dara Prak from Houston, Texas, unfortunately, knows the heartache that comes from having a pet stolen.

Last March, Dara’s pit bull Titan had mysteriously vanished from his backyard. Dara knew that Titan the pit bull couldn’t have simply run away. Prak found Titan’s collar lying on the ground in the middle of the fenced-in area where his dog stayed. At that moment, Prak knew that his dog had been stolen.

Dara absolutely adored his dog, as a devoted animal lover, he hunted high and low for Titan the pit bull

Prak posted about his dog’s disappearance on social media in the hopes of finding his precious pup. He visited shelters frequently in the hopes that somebody would return him, but sadly, he heard nothing. Days turned into weeks and Prak thought he’d never see his dog again.

“I honestly thought I would never see my baby boy again,”

Titan the pit bull

Then, as if by some miracle, Prak received a phone call

Someone messaged Dara saying they’d found Titan the pit bull in South Carolina! Titan had been found walking along the roadside in the Palmetto State. His stocky body was incredibly bruised. Nobody knew how he got there, however, he was alive!

“I got that phone call and knew, I just knew I had to get to South Carolina,”

With zero hesitation, Prak knew he had to embark on an almost 1,000-mile journey to get Titan back.

“We are beyond grateful for officer Jennifer Cavanaugh at the Spartanburg Animal Control, vets, and assistants at the Greenville County Animal Care and all friends, family, and supporters who have been with us and made this reunion possible,”

Don’t forget to watch Titan the pit bull getting reunited with his owner in the video below. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section. ?