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Rescue dog saves a hummingbird and decides to keep it

By - 22nd November 2016

At one time Rex was living on the streets as a stray dog, last year that changed for him when he was rescued and then subsequently adopted, his dreams were answered.

Rex being the grateful pooch that he has now passed on the same kindness shown to him and there’s a tiny bird that totally loves him for it.

Last year, Rex was out with his owner, Ed Gernon, for a walk in California, Rex was sniffing around and spotted a hummingbird, laying still on the ground. It was covered in ants and Gernon said he thought the bird was dead. Rex refused to walk away though; the tiny bird was in seriously poor health but was still clinging to life, just.

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Rex’s concern for the bird convinced Gernon that he had to help her.

“It was this little creature, this fragile creature that the whole world wanted to kill and he was trying to protect her so I thought I’d go the distance.”

Over the following weeks under Gernon’s constant care and supervision, the little tiny Hummer began to regain her strength and before long she was in the air once more.

Gernon believes that Hummer ” has developed a total crush on Rex” she never leaves his side, it’s adorable.

She even started bathing in his water bowl!

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