Return to top Boy With Legs ‘Like A Flamingo’ Hates His Life, Until NFL’s Tim Tebow Sees His Photo And Decides To Help

Boy With Legs ‘Like A Flamingo’ Hates His Life, Until NFL’s Tim Tebow Sees His Photo And Decides To Help

By - 1st August 2018

There are some wonderful people in the world who dedicate their lives to helping people less fortunate than themselves. One of these people is former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow. Thanks to his self-made charity, the Tim Tebow Foundation, he has managed to change many lives. Including this young boy born with his legs on backward. 

One of a flamingo’s key features is its long legs that bend backward from the knee. Unfortunately for one young Filipino boy, called Aldrin, he was born with a defect to his legs that resulted in his knees being the wrong way round. Just like a flamingo.

11-year-old Aldrin walked into the Tebow CURE Hospital in the Philippines suffering from a severe leg deformity. He was born with a congenital knee dislocation that caused his knees to bend the wrong way. He suffered pain daily and struggled to stand up.

People could be cruel to Aldrin. He suffered at the hands of bullies and it got to the point where Aldrin was so beaten down that he felt like he had no purpose in life.

Tim Tebow

As soon as Tim Tebow saw an image of Aldrin, he knew that he needed to help him. As it happened, his heartbreaking story reminded him of a young boy he met years before. The boy who influenced Tim to set up his foundation in the first place.

30-year-old Tim was born in the Phillippines and lived there for many years with his missionary parents. He may now be a star athlete, but he never forgot the place where he grew up and the struggles the people endure on a daily basis.

Tim Tebow

On Tim’s very first missionary trip with his parents as a teenager, he met a Filipino boy called Sherwin. Sherwin suffered from a leg deformity that was ruining his life.

What really changed my life was when we went to a remote jungle. I meet Sherwin and he has his feet on backward. He was born that way and I knew after meeting him, what I want to do with my life is to fight for people that can’t fight for themselves.

Tim was so inspired by Sherwin that he went on to form the Tim Tebow Foundation. The organization seeks to provide health care and aid to those who desperately need it.

So when Tim heard Aldrin’s story, he knew exactly what to do to help.

Watch the video below to see Aldrin’s incredible journey and transformation, thanks to the Tim Tebow Foundation.

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